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Club Penguin Christmas Party 2009 – 2010

Hello Penguins! Rainbow/Zapper here! well today Clubpenguin has the christmas party up and going =D and so far ITS EPIC!! ya that’s right EPIC it’s better then last year’s party! well there’s a secret room for just member’s (no offence to nons)

go up to the dance lounge and if you are a member you will see a door that says “this way to santa sled” well you get to fly his sleigh and you must deliver 15 gifts and then you get the santa suit everyone has.

Prize : Santa Suit

this is me when i finished the flight

when it says “Well Done!” that means you already have finished it.

but i got the santa suit this is what it looks like on me

ta-da! and yesshhh ima red lei i share it with my friends Pizza and Raven.

but i hope you all are having fun on christmas vacation cuz i am ;D im done with school this year hahaha soo tell me what your doing or gonna do on christmas cuz ima eat candy and chocolate and open presents.

well happy holidays penguins!




Welcome to Zapper/RainbowPengy’s Blog =D this is where each day i will post what is happening in clubpenguin. I play clubpenguin each day :] on rainbow im like 1455 days old yes it’s a red lei ik…but i really hope you guys like this blog cuz it’s gonna be full of stuff 8D this will be my hardest project ever 😉 but i will work very hard like the rest of the cp bloggers =D so hope you like it!

So tell your friends to check out this blog and yes, the site is not even half started so keep refreshing to see what i’m putting :]]]

well cya later penguins and happy holidays! -Zapper